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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogger Atom Feed Limit

I just found out the hard way that the Atom feed in Blogger only shows the last 100 posts. This is usually not a problem because people don't normally use the Atom feed to get very old posts. They would probably just go directly to the blog itself, that you can set to show 999 posts, or to a URL going directly to the desired post, no matter how old.

However, if you are podcasting your lectures with Blogger/Feedburner this is something to watch out for because Feedburner uses Blogger's Atom feed. I have been adding m4v files to my lecture archive so that students can view the vodcast from iTunes or their video ipods. But this is on top of the mp3 and pdf files. With about 30 lectures and 3 formats it starts to reach the 100 mark.

Remember that you can't have more than one enclosure per post so to truly podcast all those files so that they show up as separate entries in iTunes, they have to be in separate blog posts. If you were to link to all 3 files from a single blog entry, only one of the files would show up in the RSS feed. It is not always clear which file will end up in the enclosure and you may have to play around with the order if you do want those other links in the post anyway.

I had more than 100 posts there so I had to delete all the obsolete posts from other terms to make room. It is probably better this way anyway. The blog is now a lot clearer to the students in the current term. In addition, I have moved most class information to the wiki so I don't need the blog as much.

Just click on the iTunes button at the top of the blog to see the multicast.
the videos have the tv icon
the PDFs have the book icon
the mp3's have no icons


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