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Thursday, March 02, 2006

MSN RSS search feeds

Although I have mentioned this a few time in prior posts, such as for chemistry research, I want to re-emphasize how important it is that MSN has incorporated RSS feeds of general searches.

Google has been doing it for a while for blog searches only, and even there the subscription process is not as simple. With MSN you can just scroll down to the bottom of any search, click on the RSS icon then click on a "subscribe with Bloglines" button and you are done. And it turns out MSN indexes blogs also so the search includes pretty much what you would get from BlogSearch in addition to a general web query.

This has changed the way I introduce RSS in 5 minutes to newbies:

1) Show them how to subscribe to Bloglines
2) Show them how to subscribe to MSN RSS search feeds and let them start collecting around their interests

If anyone is aware of other search engines doing the same thing please drop me a comment.


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