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Monday, September 19, 2005

Open Content Thesis

A follow-up on my previous post, where I reported on writing an article draft in a wiki then submitting for peer review. The article is now under review at Innovate and posted here. You have register to see that link.

In a similar way, I have been following Mark Wagner's blog, where he posts a few paragraphs of his thesis draft on educational gaming as he writes them. Mark has mentioned a few times that he was surprised to find the authors of the books he is using comment on his blog.

What a sharp contrast to my experience writing my thesis. Locked up for 6 months writing and re-writing with little feedback, except from my supervisor. That was tough, knowing how very few people would ever read it and make use of it. I think Mark will get more out of the experience of writing his thesis.

But of course only people who are subscribed to RSS feeds, either through keyword search or directly to his blog, will know what he is writing and be able to interact with him. The rest will catch up much much later. I think this RSS divide will become much more apparent over time.


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