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Friday, August 18, 2006

UsefulChem space of the month

From the August 2006 Wikispaces newsletter, here is a concise summary of the UsefulChem project:

August's Space of the Month is great blend of the principles of open
content and open source applied to science and education.

Our Space: UsefulChem is an Open Source Science project aiming to share real time results from the Bradley chemistry lab at Drexel University. The main objective right now is to make compounds to fight malaria.

Our Community: The main contributors currently are Khalid Mirza (grad student), James Giammarco (undergrad), Lin Chen (undergrad), David Strumfels (grad student), Alicia Holsey (grad student) and Jean-Claude Bradley (Principal Investigator).

Our Experience with Wikispaces: After evaluating several wiki solutions we settled on Wikispaces because it offered a clean simple interface, RSS feeds, rapid indexing on Google and a free hosted option. Our objective is not only to communicate our research work directly to the world but also to offer solutions that can be easily replicated by other scientists at minimal or no cost. The coupling of the organizing power of Wikispaces with the chronological recording of Blogger creates an optimal vehicle for the dissemination of Open Source Science.


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