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Monday, September 12, 2005

Free Unreal Tournament Quizzes

Thanks to the MakeGames class, also on Wikispaces, I finally found the Free Educational Version of Unreal Tournament.  It has the full UT2 Engine but without weapons.  The editor is basically the same as the commercial version but the maps can't be copied back and forth.

This gave me the opportunity to redesign the Edufrag project into a much more modular format.   Content creators and map developers can now operate independently without having to learn anything about what the other does.  Also maps can be extended easily to accomodate virtually any number of quiz questions.

Following this design I have put together an organic chemistry quiz on Lewis structures that anyone with a PC can download and play freely.  The content can also easily be adapted to the commercial versions of UT for competitive play.

Instructions to try out the quiz and more details on the specs are on the wiki.    


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