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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blogs and RSS in Business and Marketing

Drexel CoAS E-Learning Lecture Series will host Dan Karleen at 11:00 on Thursday October 6, 2005 in 2019 MacAlister Hall.

Visit the wiki for a list of previous talks from this lecture series with links to the recordings.

Blogs and RSS in Business and Marketing

With a few notable exceptions, corporations and institutions overall haveyet to embrace blogging for purposes of corporate development.Similarly, few are using RSS for much more than syndicating news headlinesand press releases. This brief talk explores the untapped potential ofblogs and RSS for customer relations and PR, business development, andorganizational learning and knowledge management. Examples will be drawnfrom a variety of industries including higher education (blogs as amarketing tool), software, and automotive.


Dan Karleen is a director in product development for Thomson Peterson’s, aninformation aggregator and learning solutions provider. He is the foundingeditor of Syndication for Higher Ed (http://syndicateblog.petersons.com/), aweblog exploring the application of social media and web syndication ineducation. Dan’s background includes journalism and broadcasting, databasedevelopment, and technical project management and consulting. Dan isstudying for a master's in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania.


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