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Sunday, December 25, 2005


A few days ago I came across CastingWords, a podcast transcribing service. This is something I have been looking for a while now.

Earlier in the fall term I started posting the transcripts for the podcast of my organic chemistry class. They were available because I had a hearing impaired student in my class. That came in handy for me as well as other students for quickly finding out exactly what I said in class.

Because transcripts are extremely long, I put them in a separate blog that I cross-referenced with my class blog. I also added the the free site meter to the transcript blog to find out how others were finding the site.

I just basically did the same thing for my Drexel CoAS E-Learning podcast, creating a separate transcript blog and linking back to the podcast. My test podcast was an 18 minute demonstration of how to use Blogger and Feedburner to create a podcast. I would be interested to hear comments as to how the transcript is (or is not) useful. For me the indexing feature alone makes it worth it.

CastingWords charges about $25/hour. They say they have organic chemists on their team so we'll see how they do on one of my lectures.



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