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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

more chemistry lectures online

It is really interesting to see the wide variety of solutions that teachers are implementing to deliver recorded lectures.

In the chemistry world here are some recent additions:

1) Patricia Hogan teaches organic chemistry at Suffolk University. You will need to select CHEM212 from the left menu. She uses MediaSite that shows a recording of her face as well as a video of a piece of paper on which she writes. This brings back memories. Before I used Camtasia, all my recordings were done in MediaSite. The main reasons for moving to a Camtasia/TabletPC platform were being able to record in any classroom with a projector and the difficulty in getting high enough frame capture rates for rapid drawing with MediaSite. Also it seems that the links on that site don't work on Firefox. Thanks to the Chronicle for the link.

2) Robert Burk teaches Chemistry 101 at Carleton University. He is podcasting the video of his lectures using 2 video cameras controlled by himself or an assistant. A downside of this approach is the huge files for each 3 hour lecture. Thanks to Mark Ott for the link.

3) Justin Gallivan teaches Biochemistry at Emory University. He puts out a podcast enhanced with pictures of the board taken by a teaching assistant. Thanks to Dan Karleen for the link.


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