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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Virtual Race

A few times this term I have been running races in my organic chemistry class using a first person interface. Students run through a maze on their laptops. Each room has a set of doors painted with chemical information. Walking through a correct door takes you furter into the maze while an incorrect door makes you start over.

So far, all the races have been held in class. This Saturday, I'll be holding a "virtual race". At noon EST, I'll upload the maze on the EduFrag blog and students from anywhere will be able to download and run it. The first one to finish emails me. The winner will have to be able to provide a screencast proof that they actually completed the maze.

Students can contribute doors on the listed topics and can practice parts of the maze ahead of time.

This is a way for the fully online students to participate and to extend the opencourewariness of the class.


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