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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

VLC saves the day - iTunes RIP

My first organic chemistry class (CHEM242) took place on Monday. That was the introductory lecture where I explained how my online-optional class works. The fundamental building blocks of this course are my recorded lectures.

That's why it was a particularly unpleasant experience to find that my m4v files just played static to my understandably skeptical audience. I had never had this problem before. I tried re-installing iTunes but neither that nor the simple QuickTime player worked. Some of my students were able to view the files ok through iTunes so it must be some configuration issue with my laptop.

I was expecting the worst at this morning's workshop when a student suggested using VLC. Not only did it work but I could swear the resolution was far better than when viewing on iTunes.

The fact that VLC is Open Source is very exciting. That should make it easier for developers to create OS educational multimedia applications.


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