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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Virtual Poster Session on ACS Island

The American Chemical Society will be offering a virtual poster session in Second Life from selected posters at the Sci-Mix session taking place April 6, 2008 at the next national meeting in New Orleans.

I'm helping out with that effort and I'm pleased to say that we have our first submission from Jodye Selco, Mary Bruno and Sue Chan: "Safe and economical chemistry inquiry for the K-12 classroom".

ACS island has the same shape as its logo of a phoenix, thanks to the skilled hand of Eloise Pasteur who carved out the Drexel island's dragon shape. The posters will be placed on the right wing, next to a "chemistry museum" area, also under development.

ACS island is currently open to everyone - feel free to stop by and explore as we develop the area (Andrew Lang, Hiro Sheridan in SL is also on the project). Gus Rosania has been a very active "resident scientist" - you can see his activities on drug transport near the middle.

Kate Sellar (Finola Graves in SL), who spearheaded this initiative at ACS, has just started a blog where she will chronicle activities on the island.

The easiest way to find the island is to type ACS in the Map search box in Second Life.


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