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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Science research blogs

Although there has been a lot of attention directed to science blogs recently, most of these deal with the summarization of research already published elsewhere.

What has not yet been widely done is the use of blogs or wikis to actually do science by communicating and debating experimental details from scientist to scientist in public. I have started to list initiatives such as OpenWetWare and our own UsefulChem.

For this reason, I was very interested in this post from ChemPort, noting this paper:

Blog-based research notebook: Personal informatics workbench for high-throughput experimentation
Shin-ichi Todoroki, Tomoya Konishi and Satoru Inoue
Applied Surface Science
Volume 252, Issue 7 , 31 January 2006, Pages 2640-2645

Unfortunately, from reading the article, it looks like this research blog is password protected. I think that the main advantage of using blogs to communicate scientific information is the ease of sharing content openly through channels such as RSS.

If the authors do have public scientific blogs available I will update here.


  • Dear Jean-Claude,

    I did a cut and past of two posts from you about scientific blogs in my personal blog www.comciencias.blogspot.com

    Since I am new in the Blogsphere, I dont know if this practice is ok.
    I put links to your posts and to your page. Any problem, post me, ok?

    By Blogger Osame Kinouchi, at 2:28 PM  

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