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Sunday, July 31, 2005

evolving from blog to wiki

I was trying to avoid doing this as long as possible but complexity of the information in the EduFrag blog has reached a point where a blog does not suffice. So I created this wiki and started to populate it with background info for the project, tutorial links and a list of the latest version of each map, including an indication of which one is currently running on the EduFrag UT2004 server. I don't think the wiki is suitable for tracking map versions - the blog handles that very nicely.

The blog will still be used for the recording of "miscellaneous" information (i.e. not fitting in any of the wiki categories). This blog-wiki hybrid object seems to fit our present needs:

-blog for fluidity and historical record
-wiki for order and efficient briefing capability

I picked Wikispaces for the following features:

-fully online service (no downloading software)
-nice clean interface (similar to Blogger)
-simple RSS feed
-automatically has Creative Commons license for posters
-there are lots of examples that appear to support a community of contributors over time
-completely free (read the fine print of other "free" wiki services - there is usually a time or user number limitation)

I still think that a blog should be used until it is really obvious that it is not handling current needs. For example, at this point I do not intend on creating a wiki for my class. Compared to a blog a wiki means a lot more degrees of freedom:

-have to decide not just what to post but where
-other people's input can be modified or deleted
-spam posts much more likely

Lets see how this works out.


  • I like wikispaces because it does not pretend to be an encyclopedia (like wikipedia).

    By Blogger Beth Ritter-Guth, at 4:47 PM  

  • i really like wikispaces.
    it has an awesome connection through out my school.
    all the teachers and students have one.
    So go look at my page!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:04 AM  

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