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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wheel of Orgo

I am currently teaching an organic chemistry class CHEM 243, which involve a lot of synthesis (coming up with steps to convert one compound into another). When I taught this course a few years ago it was usually in a small room and I was able to interact with students around a table fairly easily. This term the course is in an auditorium and students tend to sit as far away as possible, which makes interaction very difficult.

Yesterday I tried a game that I invented a few years ago to teach synthesis interactively. Instead of a chalkboard students used the tablet PC I use to record my lectures. I was concerned that doing this in an auditorium would be difficult but most of the students came down to the first row and participated.

Here is the link to today's session of Wheel of Orgo.

I would like to hear from other educators who use game formats to teach.


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