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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Drexel CoAS E-Learning Lecture: Blogging Science

Drexel CoAS E-Learning Lecture:
Blogging Science: How Science is Spun in the Blogosphere

April 20th at 11:00
Location: 2019-2020 Macalister

This talk will focus on looking at the differences between the way scientists, the media, and political bloggers write about scientific topics. It will show how scientists both serve to correct mistakes and fill in blanks and foster debate while at the same time, sometimes slipping into the same rhetorical mistakes that some of the political bloggers make. Issues of credibility and how the blogosphere functions as a venue for getting research ideas out into the mainstream will be discussed.

Laura Blankenship is the senior Instructional Technologist at Bryn Mawr College, responsible for coordinating all support services for technology and teaching. She has a Master's in English Literature and has taught college writing and literature courses for 8 years. She will be teaching a course at Bryn Mawr in the fall called "Web of Influence" which will focus on the political and sociological effects of blogging.

Please RSVP to bradlejc@drexel.edu


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