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Thursday, February 10, 2005

instructions for Camtasia users

It is an exciting time for E-Learning in our College. Several faculty have jumped on board with lecture recording using the screen capture software Camtasia. In order to make life a little smoother for our early adopters, I will put information and instructions here.

1) The overall process involves capturing the audio and what is on the screen of you laptop or tablet PC as you lecture normally. The files are put on a streaming server with Real Media format. That means you and your students will need to install the free Real Player form Real.com if you don't have it.

2) You can download a 30-day free trial of Camtasia Studio to get a feeling for the technology. If it looks like you will be using it contact me for a license.

3) The Camtasia recording will produce a video file in avi format. Expect about 200 Meg/recording hour. The nice thing is that these files can easily be modularized using Camtasia at a later point. But initially you will probably want to just provide the full lecture as soon as possible for your students. In order to do this, drop the file in the "todo" folder in \\Files\departments\Academics\IRT-Encoding. You will need to be on the Drexel campus or have VPN running if off campus. You will also have to be given access to this folder so contact me about this as well if you need it. When you log in, type "drexel\username" in the username field and use your Drexel domain password.

4) Name the file in a systematic way to make it easy to prepare templates of links. You must start the file name with the course designation and term followed by ^^
For example naming the file
will generate the following links

The script that processes your file will remove the ^^ and .avi and append -150k.rm OR -56K.rm

Here is an Excel sheet that will create the link for you. Right click and select "save target as" to download this file. Just put what is to the left of the ^^ in the folder column and what is to the right of the ^^ in the file column then copy what is in the link column.

5) After the file is processed, it will be put in the "done" folder. It usually gets processed within 24 hours. You may then move it to your personal folder at your convenience.

This should get you started.


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